Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Why Aren't Christian Women Confessing Sin ~ Resting in His Presence?

That's a good question. I listen to a lot of Christian radio, some programs hosted by men and quite a few hosted by women. Rarely, on the women's programs do I hear open confession of sin by the Christian women hosting or  women calling in. I hear most often about how they face their daily problems which are blamed on others as having caused their problems either by refusing to let them 'in' or refusing to let them do what they want when they are 'in'. Whether 'in' at work among colleagues, or 'in' at their church group or 'in' as a member of their community or neighborhood.  Occasionally, they do blame themselves and say " I wasn't really listening to them." Which only means that they got refused in because they were trying to get in and did not do the right thing to get in. Its all about work... working to be 'right' with others and the Lord.

I never hear any woman confessing their sins publicly; have they forgotten no one is without sin including women. As a woman and a sinner, I know how difficult it is to be humble and confess and repent. As I listen, most women make the mistake of not knowing that they are 'we' are sinning. What sins??? They tend to think that as long as they are not committing the 'big' ones, then they are not sinners.

But, we are: boasting, gossiping, denying their husbands, being over their husbands at home and in public, spoiling their children, indulging in their own flesh- comparing theirs with other women, indulging in their appearance, their hair, their jewelry, their clothes and handbags to match, their garden, their home and their car.

They like bragging about their good decisions regarding good deals made while shopping, healthy cooking, and wise cleaning etc. The gossip about so and so and how they don't dress up for church, or dress up too much. They complain about mother-in-laws, husbands bad habits and children's and their children's teachers and their boss at work.

I rarely hear women crying out their sin to the Lord and asking for forgiveness. I never them talking about repentance. I never hear them talk about how they should serve and respect their husband better as he is the head of the family and household. I never hear them talking about their everyday personal suffering and struggling with sin how it has brought them closer to God.

Among women in general, I hear more about the latest sleazy book they read, the latest Hollywood movie they saw, and the gowns worn by so and so at the film festival. I hear more about information regarding where to get the best pedicure and or facial or what is the best fragrance among soaps at the body works.  Sure, they brag about their children and husbands too. But, that is bragging and bragging is a sin. At best, women can describe their daily challenges and how they overcame them with a glass of wine in the evening. 

Why don't they talk about how they reached out to the Lord?

As a sociologist, I think that it is all to easy to get caught up in popular culture. Sometimes, jobs/work as in 'career' pushes us in that direction...What is American popular culture?  Well, Americans are into doing, they pride themselves on 'gettin it done' and taking the credit. They shift credit and blame when it suits them as in benefits their career ladder climb or fitting in with the right crowd on social media. American Christian women are not outside the influence of this secular pop-culture which indulges in the flesh, youth and speed.

When your sins weigh heavily upon you, they drag you into darkness...Women in all aspects of their life should seek the Lord first, rest in His Presence... though you are in this world, you are not of it. Give thanks and Praise to the Lord God Jesus Christ for He is the Light of the World.

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