Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Jesus Christ Makes us Righteous Before God

Sinners we are; born into sin caused by the Fall from Paradise. Only those who come to Jesus Christ with their confession of sin and ask for forgiveness will be forgiven of sin and translated into the body of Christ.  Because of this choice and transformative experience, they no longer seek sin though they may sin again in this fallen world. 

Church leaders have declared to be sinners and that he cannot judge others. I agree. I am a sinner too. And I declare that because all people are sinners they must profess this truth. While at the same time, we need to be  reminded that there is forgiveness of sin.  In order to receive forgiveness, you ‘we’ must come to Jesus Christ with our confession of sin and desire for forgiveness of sin. We 'you' cannot be and will not be forgiven or translated into eternal life unless you confess. 

Faith comes from seeking Jesus Christ and knowing that such seeking leads to truth. Because, you sought you shall receive... as in choosing to believe that by coming to Christ with your sin and desire for forgiveness, and having faith that He will forgive you; surely, you will be forgiven and you will receive eternal life. 

Stop doubting and believe ~ John 20:27... for it is your faith in what Christ that sets you free. It is your believing that He can do for you what you cannot do for yourself.  It is His love and forgiveness that sets you free and gives you eternal life, salvation ~ John 8

It is acknowledging sin and accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior that makes you righteous before God!  It is not your job to do any other work than glorifying God. Judging is work. Therefore, do not judge. Calling out sin is not work; because knowing what God commands causes us to smile on 'the sinner' not for their sinning but for their salvation.

* Discernment today is necessary ~ Do not be lukewarm!

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