Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What to tell Young Adults about Sex And What else are We Called to Do?

I heard a Christian radio broadcast this morning and I was truly disappointed. Speaking from experience and as a Christian sociologist, what we tell 'our' young adults and children about sex and its purpose is the most important discussion parents and society can have with the next and or upcoming Christian generation.

The guest on the program who has a book out was asked by the presenter/host - "What do you tell kids about sex?" She said, "I tell them first that it is wonderful experience and that there is no greater expression of intimacy between people". Now, its not that I disagree with this. However, when you as a Christian parent are trying to instill an important message in your children, you should always start with God and His Word.  I stress this because in popular culture we very often hear words like 'wonderful experience' used to describe every day routine....whether those saying it are Christian or not.

We need to tell our children first that sex is for grown ups only, as in married grown ups. The grown up age is over 18 and again, stressing that sexual activity especially intercourse is for married people. Why? This is God's design which has a specific purpose. That purpose is to bring two people (a man and woman) into a greater spiritual relationship with God. Through their intimate bonding, they become one flesh and as that one flesh seeks to have a greater and deeper relationship with its Creator ~ God.

My criticism for the program guest is this: "So, You start telling young people that sex is a wonderful experience. This surely gets their attention and they want to have a 'wonderful experience'. There is no depth as to what that 'wonderful experience' is and what for ...in God's Kingdom. Second, you tell them that there is no greater expression of intimacy between people. The problem with that statement is that you do not describe the people as in who and how many and what is their relationship to each other and to God.

Don't 'naively' lead your children into the Lion's Den.

What else are we called to do?

We are called to cast out demons and devils, heal the sick and raise the dead. I heard a pastor say that those commands were already fulfilled in the Gospel. I tell you that those commands apply to all Christians for all times/generations; especially today. You can argue that there are no 'demons and devils' to cast out. I say, maybe you don't watch the news or visit the prisons. I would also say that today's medicine attempts to cover up those controlling spirits and when they do get out, we read in the paper that some person went crazy and shot up an innocent audience at the cinema.

As for healing the sick. Modern medicine has replaced that task. Raising the dead, well now you need special permission to enter the ER let alone visit the morgue.

Church leaders are telling us our commands are to tolerate and serve soup... that 's pretty lukewarm if you ask me.

" I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm- neither hot nor cold, I am about to spit you out of my mouth" Rev. 3 15-17.

Discernment today is necessary ~ we need not be lukewarm!

Do not be confused. Obviously, those tasks mentioned above suggest the necessity of the supernatural. Being able to cast out demons and devils, heal the sick and raise the dead requires our acknowledging the Holy Spirit in us so that we can accomplish those commands through quiet supernatural. How? Once you are a child of God, the Holy Spirit emanates from within. You become salt and light. You have worked from within to overcome and are thus ready to and able to do the will of God.

When we go about doing what God's will, what he commands us to do, not what we think we must do, we don't do it to make a spectacle of it. We don't need to call the major news networks, we don't have to have it printed up in the paper. We don't need to take tickets for the next event. We do it quietly and we move on. The quietness of the Holy Spirit is supernatural. This is our strengthen and this is what causes demons to leave, the sick to be healed and the dead to rise.

And, though quiet, we are on fire... not lukewarm!

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