Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Take up Your Cross and Be Restrained!

Many women especially moms lead very busy lives. They don't have time for themselves let alone their spouse and certainly not enough time for the Lord. When they do... it is often a quick prayer for the safety of their family and its prosperity and yes showing up at church on Sunday. They all too often boast to their friends that they did, they got through another week. We need to deny ourselves. This means when we get through a week, we give credit to the Lord.

God works best in us when we not only fellowship with Him but with others about Him. We were not made to be islands as in self absorbed. God fulfills our needs through others and visa versa. One of the best stories of this which many people are not aware of is the story of the demon possessed man. Why? Because, he was a kind of wild man, unrestrained, cast out, living outside of society yet harassing society. He was filled not with the love for others but with disdain and dislike. He was consumed with selfishness so much so that  there was no longer any love in him. The Lord cast out those demons and sent them into some pigs... which we could interpret as a better situation for the man and the animals as they naturally live the way he was living... selfishly and in self indulgence. "If any man come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross..." Matthew 16:24

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