Monday, May 11, 2015

The Holy Spirit ~ Quiet Supernatural

Someone said that we need the supernatural in order to draw people to God. People have been saying that for generations. The problem is that they don't know where the supernatural is or if they did ... how to see the supernatural; for it is always there. The  human life itself is supernatural. Of all God's design, man created in His image is supernatural when compared to other created life on earth.

This is our quiet supernatural being a creation of God, created in the image of God. As read can read in Luke, The Kingdom is within us, the supernatural. It is not out there as in strangely appearing phenomenon waiting to be noticed for us to say "Look, there it is"!

Jesus said that we should spend our energy seeking the eternal life that the Son of Man can give. He also said that the only work God wants from us is to believe in the one he has sent. [John 6: 27-29]

As we are engaged in this work, the Holy Spirit in us fills us and the Kingdom within us grows; this becomes an outward appearance ~ revealing 'our' supernatural quietly.

When we are lured into discussions of 'hot' topics as in current gender issues and newly discovered scientific findings that attempt to usurp the authority of the Word of God, we are thus led into a lion's den of gnashing of teeth and showing of claws and thus away from exhibiting our quiet supernatural; in this way, we lose in building the Kingdom within.

The Church must rest in His Presence, His peace. We should not show alarm to those that seek to steal our quiet supernatural from us. We need give them the time of day never fighting with nor affirming their behavior; and in this way, they are witness to the quiet 'supernatural'.

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