Monday, April 28, 2014

The Selfie Culture, where is it leading us?

The selfie Culture... What is it? Basically, taking a picture of yourself. However, it is morphing into much more than just that. In some social discussions, sociologists like myself are calling this phenomenon the 'rise of the selfie'.  Is this a serious determinant to society? As a sociologist and a Christian the answer to that question is Yes. It is so because it is a major illustration of indulgence in self idolatry linked to the virtual reality of today's popular telecommunications platforms which is hardly the venue for healthy social interaction. Christians are asked to die to themselves and submit to the will of the Lord God Jesus Christ. Being self indulgent is not the means to live a Christ minded life. Self indulgence does not motivate one to seek the Lord, find Him and rest in Him. In our culture, we as Americans want to and like to rely on ourselves for prosperity, we like to show ourselves off especially for what we do... the work we do, the way we do it, the way we look doing it and how much we love the way we look doing it. Where is there room for God? What relationship could we possibly have with the Lord in this kind self absorbed life ... self idolatry?
Where is this kind of selfie culture leading? Certainly away from Christ and into a dark abyss where we are disengaged socially in face to face interaction running the risk of losing not only ourself but losing others around us and thus losing social stability moving toward social decay.

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