Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Respect is What you Give and Will Receive

Respect is you get when you give respect to God by respecting His order. Respecting your husband's authority. We dishonor our husbands often by wanting to take over the situation, to challenge his decision making. We should be cheerleaders for our husbands, be his listener first and cheer him on. It is not easy in this culture where women are trying to take over men; not to be equal with them before God but to usurp them in every way possible. They want to be glorified for this and cheered on. Wives and women out there, don't do this. The result of this will not lift you up but bring you down. The result will be you standing alone. Is that what you want, to be alone? No one is self made, everyone is God made. If you want blessings in your life as a woman as a wife, then reconcile with and most of all respect your role, this is your gift from God. It is His order that is the right order for you. In that order, not only will you get respect but you will give it willingly, and in His order will His Blessings be yours!

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