Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Good Discussion on Revive our Hearts!

Today, there was an excellent discussion on the radio program Revive Our Hearts! The topic was Recognizing Feminist Thought 'mentality'; which has been the spiritual demise of Christian women and Christian Families.

Here is an excerpt

So in a few short decades in the span of my lifetime, the ideal of a happy, fulfilled woman has gone from one who serves and exalts her children, her husband, and her community to one who serves and exalts herself and has a very different type of commitment, very different type of idea towards men and women. This begs the question, how did this all happen? 
The factors are many and complex, but a very large piece of the puzzle is feminism. Feminism is a distinct philosophy that shook the underpinnings of society in the early 1960s like a tsunamic earthquake shaking the ocean’s floor. Feminism is a distinct worldview. It’s a distinct worldview with its very own thoughts, its ideologies, values, ways of thinking. Whether or not you would admit it, all of us in this room have been profoundly affected by feminist thought.

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  1. Don't be a red letter Christian... Jesus was concealed in the Old Testament and Revealed in the New. Because of that, throughout the entire Bible, we come to know that women have a special role in God's Kingdom, a special role and place in God's society 'church'. The church too recognizes this role as 'we' are the church, we are a family, and the church is thus organized like a family - with a husband over his wife and children.. thus, no woman can or ever should lead the church as she is not the head of the house, her husband is.