Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Don't Hurry the Soul: Reflect, Repent and Rest in the Lord

Don't hurry the soul, rest in the Lord.

This is not easy to do as we live a hurried life and especially we feel a sense of hurry to deal with issues on our own and or to change things for the better by our own efforts... given today's job/economic crisis existing in many Christian households; mine included. Ironically, this is what Judas did - he hurried. He hurried his soul. How? He hurried his soul when he thought the only way out of his problems was to betray Jesus for money. He hurried his soul again when he realized his terrible 'sin' mistake and thought the way out was to give back the money; worse yet, and he hurried his soul the most when he ran away and ended his own life at the end of a rope. All he had to do, was to rest in the Lord; firstly- seek the Lord and ask for forgiveness then repent (re-think) and then rest in that. Yes, Judas, the apostle who sold information to the Jewish high priests that enabled the arrest and crucifixion of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Some might say that Judas did the right thing by hanging himself and he deserves to go to Hell.  Jesus knows that this will happen to Judas because He knows that Judas will choose to hurry his soul, free will is our God given ability to choose our end- to live in eternal light or darkness. There could have been a different end for Judas but because he forgot who Jesus was, his Savior, he made the wrong choice. If Judas did not panic about his money problems, if he did not panic in the horror of his betrayal and did not panic in his overwhelming grief over his actions, then even Judas could have been saved. How? All Judas had to do was to seek the Lord, ask for forgiveness from the Lord, repent and rest in Him. Judas would still have been judged as we all will. And like all sinners who seek forgiveness, repent and rest in the Lord, his soul could have been saved. However, he hurried his soul to the point of no return. and he could not be saved. Not because Jesus could not save him, because Judas could not be saved by Him. The one who forgives the most (including oneself), is the most forgiven. If we hurry our soul, there is no time for the soul to reflect (ask for forgiveness) and repent (re-think) and rest in the Lord.

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