Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Misinterpretation of Scripture- God's Order is For our Salvation

People are misinterpreting scripture.  Truly disappointing to hear that and yet I agree that people and including Christians, especially, are misinterpreting scripture. Many well intending people, even Christians, have the idea to usurp God's authority, as it appears He is not doing anything to help people and their problems and suffering. Firstly, we must remind ourselves that we live in a fallen world. Problems and including suffering are because of that original sin. Secondly, this kind of thinking is largely due to our post modern society wherein we are faced with conflict that being living in man's world vs. God's world -  the natural world of the flesh vs what I call God's imagination = His Kingdom.  God is the creator of all things and He gave us good rules to guide us because He loves us and He is fully aware of our problems and suffering in this fallen world. Yet, being His creation, He offers us salvation. The way to salvation is given to us in rules that we need to apply. Rules for men and women, rules for husbands and wives, rules for parents and grandparents and rules for children. If you read scripture, you will know what I am talking about. Any of the Gospels, from Mathew, Mark, Luke, to Romans or Ephesians etc. give us these rules which are not to suppress or dominate anyone but to guide us in God's imagination, His Kingdom in order that we can be  saved. It is not easy in this post- modern 21st century to live in God's Kingdom, in His imagination. The secular world is doing a good job of trying to destroy or replace God's Kingdom and the first place they always attack is the family where role relationships are crucial. Satan is the being behind this secular world. He is still luring women to defy God and to rebel against His authority.
 In life, in this fallen world there is no equality. In fact, there is no equality in the family but in the Christian 'Godly' family there is order and that is what is essential both for the Christian individual (man/woman/wife/husband) and the family. God's order helps us to deal with this fallen world and to overcome it. If you disagree, then likely you have already been pulled into Satan's trap which is to usurp God's authority.
Men and women are different. We as Christians need to respect this and understand that differences have purpose. Paul said to the people when he was in Corinth 1 Cor 7:8... "if you want to have a spouse, if you want to have children then get married and follow God's rules for a married life that includes rules for family. If you have no desire for children or a spouse then don't get married. As men and women, (refraining from sexual sin) there is essentially equality before God as they equally pursue God's Kingdom. Now, are they equal in what they are (male/female)? No, read 1 Cor 14:26 God's order is definitively based for purpose. Read 1 Cor on Orderly worship, women have their place in the church. Though they have their place, which is God given, it does not mean that their heart's place is unequal to a man's in pursuing a relationship with God. Given that, wives and husbands are not equal in God's Kingdom as in what they are but equal in God's order - their God given role and equal in their pursuit of a relationship with God. 
Equal in order means that by respecting God's order, they have an equal opportunity to be saved!

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