Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Good Intentions to Change the World

There are a lot of good intentions to change the world. Christians we have to remember that we live in a fallen world. Inasmuch as we don't like this fallen world and want to make it better, we must be mindful that God is the only one who can save us... all we have to do is believe in Him. Mistaking the inequity we see in the world for being God ordained as having a purpose as if it were God’s idea to draw us nearer to Him is a problem for Christians. God did not create inequity in the world; and yet some people think that He did in order to draw us closer to Him, so that we can better appreciate or sympathize with the lesser man/woman. some Jesus did ask us to be brotherly and reach out to others in need. Absolutely, this is the normal Christian life: heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out demons and devils.

In Genesis we read God created all of us in His image; therefore, we should suppose that all are equal and or normal.  The problem with that again is the assumption that there is no fallen world. If that were the situation, then what was the point of the story of the Garden of Eden and God sending His Son?
We could think that God puts people in our path who are not perfect in our eyes in order to remind us of our arrogance (sin) with the hopes that this will humble us. Some Christians might even agree to this. This kind of thinking in my opinion comes from Satan who wants us to be constantly reminded of our sin and so that we are constantly reminded to be humbling and condemning.

I think there is a misinterpreting of Genesis. Yes, God did create man in His image but His creation of man happened before the fall. We had glorified bodies. However, after the fall, that was gone and man was subject to all kinds of evil, tragedy, hardship and deformity; none of which was God ordained.
As Christians we want to make a better world that is the Holy Spirit working in us. That is possible now because God sent His Son and in this way, we can be healed...we now have been given the authority to heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out demons and devils. This is way that our good intentions can make a better world, from the fallen one we are currently in.
When we see inequity around us, we need to ask God to heal, we have the authority to ask that and we have the right to expect it. And, when it happens we give thanks to Almighty God, Our Lord, Our Savior.

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