Thursday, February 13, 2014

Reciever of God's word

Receiver of God's word
My faith in the existence of God has never been in doubt but I can say that I did not realize how important His word was for me, how much of a relationship He wanted/wants me to have with Him.
As a woman, in this day and age, we struggle with identity and our place in the world. So, when turning to pages in the Bible, I saw words that I was not sure about like what we can find in Titus 2: 3-6
In the same way tell the older women to behave as women who live a holy life should. They must not be slanderers, or slaves to wine. They must teach what is good, in order to train the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled and pure, and to be good housewives, who obey their husbands, ....
I was not sure about my role as a woman in the bigger wide world of work. I felt pressed to be something bigger 'smarter' than life, extraordinary. I thought I would feel good about myself if I had a positioin of authority in world of work. That was my biggest problem and so an excerpt like Titus was confusing. Our culture is one that praises go getters, and beauty in the flesh. God's words ask women to be modest and self - controlled and pure. Mass media leads us elsewhere.
I know and or realize that there are Christian women out there who would rather be at home yet pressed by other issues which cause them to work outside the home. The greatest being financial problems that cause women to have to work outside the home.
Reading this excerpt and Proverbs 31 a few times, I found comfort; more than I imagined. I felt loved by God for His words. This message is not His 'law' but good advice. In fact, the best practice for a wife and mother in these times. If you can stay at home, rejoice and know that you do a great service to God and your family. Know that staying at home does not mean you don't work, you do as such work is for the good of your home/household ... being a  good housewife means being generous and frugal with what you have. Find joy in setting the table for dinner, gathering your husband and children around that table and praising God for all you have!
If you work outside the home or at home, work with a heart/mind for God's greater glory and in that what you do will be/is for Him as well as for your home/family; and praise God for your work, for your family and show them (husband/children) and or tell them that what you do you do for God and you do for them.
It is this message that has given me peace and I hope it does for you too.

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