Thursday, February 6, 2014

Glorifying God

I am not legalistic. I am not saying that women cannot work outside their home, only that they work for it. Everything a woman does, wholeheartedly, for her home, glorifies God. Of course, a woman can find herself unmarried: divorced, or windowed.  Her choices as to how she will move forward must be God's will for her. Of course, one can yell and holler that because she has no money, she has to work so that she can take care for her children, she has to, she has to ....No, she has to rest in the Lord, listen, and when His word comes, and it will, then move forward. God's love is so great, no one has to because He wants to.

1 comment:

  1. While I support legitimate single-moms (those that are thrust into the situation by window-hood or the husband being unfaithful and divorce or the man simply leaves) many of these so-called heroic women are simply fornicators who were irresponsible and were selfish in their desire to have children without a husband to help raise them. It leads to poverty and femininity in boys and children who spend most of their day being raised by strangers. This is what such selfishness has achieved. These women are not heroes. There are, in fact, the exact opposite. And now we need to raise taxes to support these "families" because they are unable to support themselves. It borders on criminal.