Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Godly women don't commiserate

Do women need to commiserate, is that good or bad?

I find it to be a delicate subject when I talk to women. I myself do not commiserate. I think it is unwise for women to gather as a group without the proper head - a man.  This is not because I devalue women but because their value must be kept.  I have pointed to a number of scriptures that tell us this.

Why is it unwise to commiserate? Women need to be in relationship with their creator Jesus Christ first and foremost and then with their husbands. Why? Because, we were the vehicle of the corruption. You can argue otherwise of course. Yes, everything is permissible but not beneficial. If you are a Christian and value the Bible as the truth, then you should be wise in your activity. Accept your Godly creation and the role created for you as a woman.

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