Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Godly Woman
Proverbs 31
I am always surprised that out of this long descriptive text, women arrive at the idea that God wants women to work outside the home. With this assumption, we mislead ourselves. God wants women to work for the home. The home is her domain and what she does, she does for her home, her husband and children.  Godly women understand that you cannot be a a fulfilled woman unless you know how God intended you to live. The woman described in proverbs 31 is not the corporate executive who seeks to show men what she can do as good as them or better. The woman in proverbs 31 is not the sit around the house who seeks to take advantage of men including her husband. The woman in proverbs 31 is a Godly woman, she takes her job seriously as homemaker,wife and mother.


  1. The worst thing that ever happened was the degrading of the wife and mother roles and the perpetuating of the ridiculous myth that a woman's happiness should be found mainly outside the home. Feminism is the rebellion against the true feminine. It glorifies it's opposite - masculinity - as the most desired state every woman should attain. Ironically these "feminists" are actually abandoning their femininity and embracing masculinity! Incredible! Like one blind woman following another blind woman into a ditch...now they are both stuck! And in the process they have utterly destroyed our civilization. Of course non of this would be possible had not the ruling class destroyed the money supply bu inflating it so that it now requires that two adults work. This "revolution" wasn't for women's benefit. All it did was make half the population wage and tax slaves and destroy the family unit. It succeeded at enriching the ruling class and destroying Western Civilization.

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  3. agree. I would add though that women, through the corruption of Satan, have been misled to think that they are second class citizens because they were given a different role in the universe. They are being deceived to think that they were meant to men... they can only be valued as a man. Hence, they want to recreate their nature. This is a sin.