Thursday, February 27, 2014

Be a Champion of God by doing His will... follow your husband's lead

Be a Champion of God by doing His will. Seek your husband's advice and guidance and follow his lead and give him thanks! In this way, we better understand what is God's will for women... turn to Proverbs 31.
Just because we are called to come under our husband in God's order does mean that women don't have a great influence over their household and market place; which does not ask us to usurp men 'husbands' and the role that God intended for men. Women are called to positively influence the world by putting God first, how? Again, read Proverbs 31 and read it over and over. It does not call us to rule over men, to fight for equality with men. It asks us to do His will.  Throughout the Bible we are instructed to follow our husband's lead. By doing so, we become good leaders for our home, family and community. Whether you are a CEO or stay at home mom, in all decisions follow your husband's lead. These are difficult times as women are faced with having to work outside the home and be women of God. At the same time do their job which is really difficult given that many workplaces don't allow for openly Christian practices, verbalization, worship... Mass media is constantly bombarding us with fleshly pursuits/indulgences. Turn to the Lord, he will tell you to turn to your husband. As I do. When I have issues, problems, pains, I turn to my husband and he talks to me about my pain, fears, questions about life, faith and family. I am always thankful for his words. In fact, I am reborn again in my faith, I get strength from him and he can give it to me because he gets his from the Father.

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  1. When we keep to God's plan of authority and provision, we are blessed. we help one another and bless one another. rebellion - defying God's plan in order to satisfy our selfish desires or to exact revenge or simply because of mistrust - leads to curse and can destroy a marriage - or any relationship. feminism is rebellion. It is a curse and anyone who follows it is cursed. As the man, I have the hardest job. I have to seek God and obey him and do as he instructs. Only then can I be a godly husband. This authority doe not have any provision for abuse. Men who take advantage of their wives trust and cheat or treat them unloving do not deserve their wife and are cursed.