Friday, September 4, 2015

Which Jesus is your Jesus?

Biblical Jesus
Born as God Almighty in the Flesh
Warns of sin, judgment and hell
Commands repentance of sin
Gives you salvation, hope, peace and joy
Hated and despised by the world
Hates sin and exposes truth about sin
Commands divine authority
Offends the world with the truth
Brings  division when necessary
Preaches God’s righteousness
Exalts God the Father’s will
Warns of false signs and wonders; magnifies God’s Word
Demands that emotion, experience and opinion conform to sound doctrine
Commands you to deny yourself and allow Christ to work in you

Post Modern Jesus
Born as a man who was promoted to deity
Never says anything negative; disregards repentance of sins
Gives you health, wealth and happy feelings
Loved and accepted by the world
Condones sin but never corrects you of your sin
Gives suggestions instead of commandments
Hates to offend you; loves political correctness
Promotes unity and tolerance at all costs
Preaches only on love
Serves your will not God’s will.
Exalts signs and wonders above God’s word.
Exalts emotion, experience and opinion above sound doctrine
Encourages you to love yourself and gratify all your fleshy desires.

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