Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Repent Together!

Marriage is not about 'your' happiness. It is about glorifying God. It is about looking forward to His Kingdom. When our marriage seems to be slipping away from this as in going in a direction that is not glorifying the Lord; then, spouses should come together in repentance and ask the Lord for direction in their life.

Happiness and its pursuits here and now revealed in our times. Our sinful descent reflected everywhere. One can see a serious downward spiral as one hears people demanding their children have the right to determine the means / methods of learning, people and their children showing their devotion to football teams, magic castles and pleasure boat rides, sport endurance and beauty pageants, people and their children engaged in cartoon super hero idolatry, people and their children acting like best friends and not in a proper parent / child relationship. Children and their parents posting fb slogans or politically correct images and poetry... not the word of God. People and their children treating God's Word - The Bible as a kind of literature. People and their children putting their trust in a man and his law and not God nor in faith! Are you one of these people? Repent if you are, because your salvation depends on it.

Turn to the Lord our God Jesus Christ, be healed and sin no more.

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