Monday, September 14, 2015

Good parents don't create pride filled mediocre children

We as parents have a bad habit ...and that is to tell and teach our children to be proud as in pride filled. We fail to promote and teach what it means and is to be spirit filled and spirit led. By constantly rewarding children for every little thing that they do, we create / cause them to be pride filled and nothing more than mediocre people and worse mediocre Christians.

All too often, I hear that we have too high expectations for our children. I say we don't have enough. Ask yourself, what does God expect from you? Does He expect you to be mediocre and just to be comfortable in this fallen word? Does He expect you to be less than who you can be; ...not go the distance in any struggle or goal, not to push yourself in directions that you don't want to go? Of course not.

We are not expected to just sit around and wait for Him to return. We prepare. How? By accepting Jesus into our hearts. In this way and through His guidance, we are expected to and can live everyday as if we were already in the New Jerusalem... leading and teaching. How is that possible when the New Jerusalem is not here? In this here and now, this fallen world, we must show the Lord that because He is our Lord and Savior we can and strive to overcome this world and that means going the distance, doing more than just being comfortable, both spiritually and physically. It is by showing the Lord that we embrace His promise of eternal life in this life that we show we are already living in the New Jerusalem. We thus live and love, though in this fallen world. We are made able to go the extra mile for Him as that He is looking for in us. And, what we should look for and expect from our children.

Children are made secure by parents love and authority. In this way, they can become secure productive Christian adults and not mediocre people.

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