Monday, September 14, 2015

The Problem with Women Pastors

If you read Paul's letters, you will read that women had a role in the church; but, they were not the number one 'head/leader' of the 'church' congregation. This is outside of God's hierarchy which we can read in Ephesians 5 and many other scriptures. Every group, be it family, nation or church needs a Father first and then mother. The Father is the first and number one leader in our wider relationship with the world.  Father is the go to person in that respect because the Father is the head of the family, the Father is protector, and leader, and pastor.

Of course, I have heard many stories about good Christian women being good pastors. Sadly, over time, their congregations dwindle to a few men and a few women. Every family, every community needs a Father. Women in times of trouble, doubt, uncertainty, fear, danger especially look to 'their' Father and if they don't have one, they wish they did. Turning to mother is not wrong. Children need nurturing and this is mother's role; after all, every mother has only the strongest love for 'her' child. Because of that, Father has a role which is able to extend outside of that.

That is why when we are engaged in the wider social group,as in the world, Father has the role of leader, protector and deliverer from our pitiful and helpless situations while mother is feeding and caring for her child's needs that require mother. Father is thus able to deal with issues that concern his entire family by seeking to understand the and provide for the good of the community who too live in this fallen world, and because mother is at home taking care of his family, he is able to be selfless in his leadership so that mercy and grace extends to even those outside of his own family.

We, as Children of God, look to our Father in Heaven in the same way... as in those situations 'we' - wider society as a 'people' have a great need for His mercy, grace and love.

This is God's hierarchy.

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