Thursday, April 30, 2015

Working for Salvation ~ Not Scriptural

I heard a program on Christian radio this morning. The pastor was so proud to tell his congregation that what's wrong with the world will be made right by Christians with their 'Christian' love and their forgiveness for everyone to see! Isn't this boasting of what the world can do? This is boasting and not of the Lord. We cannot save the world by our works. Saving the world is for the Lord. We must show others the Lord at work in us, and the way to do that is to rest in His Presence ~ this is being Christ like. See the story of Mary and Martha. Luke 10:38

Our work is to confess our sin and ask Jesus for forgiveness and move forward sinning no more. We show this to people, to the world but not because we put it out there or shout it out but because we live it. That is our work but it is not work as in doing something in the world to show off. It is work we do to show the Lord that we are sinners seeking forgiveness and salvation.  

Don't misunderstand, love and forgiveness are the foundations of Christianity. Love and forgiveness is for all who reach out to the Lord Jesus Christ. Christians show this by examples of love and forgiveness in their life. They do not go about boasting or making the world right by delivering love and forgiveness. Deliverance is God's work. Our work is to reveal His glory by living our experience being delivered through His love and forgiveness.

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