Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Marriage ~ Its about Loving Someone else as Yourself!

Marriage is about loving someone else ~ as yourself! 

In marriage your greatest job is to love someone the way Jesus loves you. We go into marriage looking for someone to love us the way we love ourselves. We should look for someone to love because we love ourself. Yes, and we are able to love our neighbor and spouse because we love ourselves... Jesus said "love thy neighbor as yourself" John 13:9.  Remember, self love is only possible because you know that you are loved by Christ Jesus and because of His love, you love what He loves and you share that love.

In marriage, our job is to love. This gets misunderstood. Often people think that if they are the only ones loving that it is not fair. I understand that. However, both spouses in a marriage have the same task.

Which is ~ To love the other, to lift up the other as a celebration of the love that they have already received from the Lord! This is what needs to be taught and embraced. The way you speak about your spouse and treat your spouse should reflect John 13:9

When things start to feel as though they are coming apart in your marriage or that your spouse is not loving you the way you want... it maybe that you are not loving him/her as you are loved by the Creator!!!!!


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