Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Marriage Purity!

Today on Family Life with host Dennis Rainey, we could hear what marriage is about 'a holy unity' and how difficult it is in our post modern culture to embrace what that is, what it means. It is difficult these days to stay married and to stay faithful to our spouse which is staying faithful to God who created marriage.

Dennis related a story about his marriage and a situation he never imagined could happen to him. He said it was during the early days of his ministry when he was traveling with other men 'pastors' throughout the country (wives stayed home with kids) giving lectures/talks on family life, on marriage. One day after all the conference speaking finished, he found that he had the rest of the evening to himself. He went upstairs to his room at the hotel and put on the television. To his surprise, the movie playing was the 'Ten Commandments'.  Great, he thought to himself. "I will kick back and watch an old classic".

Just then the phone in his room rang. It was a woman's voice, but it was not his wife's. She had met Denis that day during the conference. She asked him bluntly "Can I come up"? Dennis replied, "say what?" She repeated. Dennis said, "Look, I am a married man and my wife means the world to mean, besides, I am watching the ten commandments... thou shall not commit adultery."

Dennis did not let the woman come up. He was shocked at his feelings though; caught between feeling wanted as a man and feeling disgust as a husband that such a woman would want to harm his marriage. For some, this invitation, this intrigue, this wondering what it would be like is too much to refuse. Both men and women must be strong and turn to the Lord in such instances. But, it is not easy.

For example...
"Our world fell apart in 2007 when my husband's secret addiction to porn was discovered. We lost our ministry, our church, and for a time, our purpose. Our entire family suffered from the consequences of his sexual addiction. From shock to fear to brokenness to hope, we have experienced it all. During this journey God, who is able to make all things new, has led us to the road of recovery, healing and restoration."

Chris and Cindy Beall share their experiences and others with individuals and couples who are struggling with sexual sin. We want you to know that victory is possible. You can recover. Your marriage can recover. But, it takes time, a lot of time. Best advice... don't go there to begin with!


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