Friday, April 24, 2015

Does the Bible Tell us to Disobey Authority?

Yes, because the Bible is our guide. It is the Word of God. It asks us to respect God's authority that is godly authority but not ungodly law/policy/agendas. The best examples come from the Bible. The first being when Jesus himself healed on the Sabbath. This was a law that came under the highest authority. Yet, Jesus did not obey it because it was an 'ungodly' law. How? Because, it was a law that hurt people more than helped them; it kept them under the law of man. There are other examples in the Bible with many in the Old Testament and in the New Testament 'Gospel' as just pointed.

From the Old Testament, we find the Hebrew midwives were not obeying the law that was decreed by Rome... every male child had to be killed. We find in Jeremiah that he publicly demonstrated 'protested' the law of sacrifice to idols that he and Jews of his time were required 'by law' to uphold.

Remembering such rebellion is not to encourage any kind of revolt only positive activism. How do we know something declared a law is a 'bad law or policy'? We will know if we are made to fear the law of men and not God's law... then we will know it is not a godly law, it is not from God.

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