Monday, May 12, 2014

Hannah's Story for a Happy Mother's Day!

I truly hope all my readers had the happiest Mother's Day of all. I did. 
There was a wonderful service this past Sunday at Calvary. The sermon was based on 1 Samuel, the story of the Birth of Samuel which is firstly the story of Hannah a woman who wanted to be a mother very badly for she had been barren for a long time. So, Hannah prayed to the Lord and and thanked Him, and she was blessed with a son whom she named Samuel and whom she gave to the Lord. "I prayed to the Lord, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him, So, now I give him to the Lord." 1Sam:27 The point made by the pastors at this Sunday's service was that Hannah finally put her total trust in the Lord and for that she was blessed. In return, Hannah returned Samuel to Him what He had given her. As mother's we think that we did it all, and we should get all the credit; but the credit really goes to our Father in Heaven. Raise well your God given children, give back to Him!

Mothers all too often today, want to be the Super Mom! I am not saying you can't, you can if you rely on the Heavenly Father and give Him the credit for your ability to be a super mom.  
I saw a photo on facebook put by a mom who thinks she has to take it upon herself to be everything for her son. I can telly you that if you think that way, you are mistaken; especially if you are trying to raise a God given child. Sons and daughters need to know who you count on for help in this fallen world. Let them know of your faith and they will have faith too!


  1. I think this "Super Mom" mentality is the result of failed Feminist ideology. The inability of most women to live up to the standard set by the radical Feminists (able to do everything at once... and very well!) is leading more women to question the Feminist plan of putting mothering second to a career. I hear of more and more young women wishing they could be mothers first and workers second. But this is natural. Despite what the "Feministas" (radical revolutionary feminists) have claimed, most women in fact do want to be mothers (and hopefully wives). There is no disgrace in that. In fact mothers are the creators of the next generation. As I I've told feminist-minded women before who love to heap scorn on the supposedly-male dominated world, if the men are misbehaving it's because the women who raised them made them that way! Our very first imprint of life come from our moms. Our understanding of reality and social expectations come from our moms. Our moms project all their joys and fears into us in the earliest years...even those things that are not vocalized are projected into the children. Essentially, women have always had the power but some radical Marxists like Betty Friedan back in the 60's and 70's worked hard at convincing women that they were powerless and would remain so until they could be more like men. I hope things are turning around. My wife is a wonderful mother, wife and puts great care into our home and children and grandchildren and all the things she does there and by doing so she is respected and beloved! Just as my mother who did the same things is respected and beloved. It's hard to love a mother who rejects the role she was designed for! We don;t need "Super Moms". We just need "Moms".

    1. We need moms and dads; we don't need dads to be moms or moms to be dads. God gave us the best order of family organization possible. See Titus 2or 1 Cor 7