Tuesday, May 20, 2014

God's Plan is a Much Better Plan

God's plan for your life is a much better plan. Today, we are caught up in the rat race. We want to have everything our neighbors have and more; worse, we justify this by saying that "I deserve it, I worked hard for this, I have the education that got me where I am".  As parents, we say "My kids deserve it, and why not, I have never had it so good, I want them to have it."
We never ask God what His plan for us is... let alone ask," what can I do for you Lord"? Yet, when we want more we have no problem asking God to give it to us. We have no problem asking God for help when we are in financial troubles or are sick.
I am not telling you that you have to start a crusade for God by doing good deeds. There is no amount of work you can do for God to gain His love, mercy and grace. All God wants from us is to love Him and trust that He has the best plan for us. He wants us to turn to Him always.
At this point, many people say well what about so and so who did what God asked and he/she ended up in that situation. We have to remember that we make choices in our lives even as we think we are living His plan for us and we have to remember that we live in a fallen world. We have to remember that even when things look bad for us God is there to turn that bad into good. He is there for us. You have to give yourself to God (die to yourself), love Him and sing your praise to Him. Tell the world that God's Plan is a much better plan especially when things couldn't get any worse that God is your Savior and you Love Him and will Praise His Name Forever!

If you want your children to Love God, then show them how you Love God!

And, if you are following "What Grace is Mine" today on Revive Our Hearts (Nancy Leigh DeMoss) you would have heard Damaris Carbaugh's continued story "Die to Yourself".

Regarding God's Plan for you, you have to die to yourself. What does that mean? It means die to your wants, your ambitions and turn to God for His plan for you. How do you do that, or get there? Read God's word and you will want more of His word than yours!

Nancy: And it’s not necessarily that there was anything wrong with those things, but the Lord wanted your heart.
Damaris: Exactly. This is what I’m so thankful for as He showed me that He wanted me to follow His invitation. He says, “You want to follow Me? You need to deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow Me. Deny yourself, die to yourself, die to what you want.” That sounds so negative until you understand that His invitation to die is for one reason, so that you might live. It makes no sense unless you know the Lord.
But His invitation to die is not a kill-joy. His invitation to die is that if you continue in what you want, it will destroy you. But if you die to what you want, you will begin to live.

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  1. I wrote a wonderful comment but somehow it was lost and I just don't have the ability (or desire) to do it as well a second time. So I'll just have to say this: God's plans for you are far far better than your plans for you.