Tuesday, May 27, 2014

How Important is your position as Keeper of the Household?

How important is your position as a Household Keeper and Mother? That question is important; so why do many women today feel and think that running a household and raising a child is not important. From what I hear, it seems that they lack praise for their job; especially from the men in their lives. I was at a family 'female' get together over the weekend and I heard in the voices of the younger and older women a tone of discontent. They were commiserating about men 'husbands and or husbands to be'.  The biggest complaint was that men don't appreciate them for doing their job... running a household and raising kids. They said that men just don't see running a household as real work. I asked them to tell me about their household work. They said that they did the laundry and the cooking and the general everyday cleaning:, wiping, sweeping, dusting, scrubbing, directing, caring, calculating, organizing, and the list went on. They laughed about how men in their opinion do not see this as valid, they just don't see the time and effort it takes to clean the dirt, the dirty clothes, the hair on the sink, the socks in the hall on the way to the bathroom where the laundry basket sits waiting. Men don't see the crumbs on the bed sheets or on the sofa cushions or lazy boy or even on their shirts. They wonder what we do all day...if we tell them, they are surprised to hear about such petty things and think it is a waste of time and effort to give so much attention to such things. It seems that they don't understand that it is work. It is work to clean up after them, do their laundry and raise their children. One argument put to a husband was " if you had to pay someone it would cost you half of what you make in a week... at least". Which in her husbands eyes was not the right answer. So she suggested that he look at her cleaning as a way of having a vested interest in the property as it would make no sense to let a property fall into ruin; as there can come a day when it can be used as an asset to achieve a higher aim. Now, she said this made more sense to her man...husband.. In all that discussion though, I never heard woman/wife mention that they felt it was a pleasure to do these things no matter what praise they got from their husbands/men in their life. I asked them to think about this... do they do those things just to get praise? If they lived a Godly life such praise is not necessary because God sees their loving effort. They, those ladies/ moms, forget that their husbands also come under God's authority.
I told them that they should be happy doing those things that they complain about; and in fact, give thanks and praise to God for their household responsibilities and praise their husbands though they may not ever notice how the socks made it to the laundry and back into their drawer... or maybe they do notice, maybe they even expect to see them in the right place which lets them know that the woman in their life is doing her part, her role no matter how routine it seems; we should even imagine that when they see their socks ready to be put on for the next day they smile and say Thank God for my Wife!
So, yes your role as wife and mother is very important! And, be blessed as I am blessed for having a Godly husband who does see my role as important!

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  1. I thank God every day for my amazing wife who so dutifully and lovingly takes care of our home and myself. She is the second greatest Blessing in my life (the first one being my relationship with Jesus) and one I will never take for granted...even if a few hairs on the bathroom counter-top somehow manage to get left behind every now and then. ;-)