Friday, May 16, 2014

Early Socialization Process falls to the Mother, she is not alone...

As a sociologist and social psychologist, I can tell you that early socialization begins with the mother. However, she is not alone. Mother carries the child and because of that she is the first to pass along social information which includes God's imagination on social hierarchy. In her, the process of passing social information (information about social reality) begins even in the womb. Mother carries social information in her and she imparts that. If mother is missing information or is misinformed or is unsure of the information she has, then all of this will also be passed to the infant. What kind of missing information, or misinformation or unsure information could be harmful? First and foremost, information about identity in a social context, secondly, information that has changed regarding identity in a social context and thirdly, information that becomes treated as uncertain... uncertainty about identity; i.e. mother may worry about her marriage, her husband, her family and their support of her, her and her husband's financial situation, her ability to be a mother in the situation she finds herself in (is she married and will she get married and if not, why this decision). How is such information transferred to an infant, even an unborn child? It is transferred hormonally and by many other physical aspects; yet most importantly through the senses and including sensitivity between mother and child; stress, illness, depression. This kind of information is due to the occurrence of the above scenarios regarding misinformation. This kind of information can create social instability in the child, distrust, anxiety and stress.

A happy mother can expect a socially balanced child when she is confident in her identity, her financial situation, her marriage, trusting her husband to be there for her and also her family and passes this information to her infant.

Mothers are not alone. Everyone should and must pay attention to Mothers! Everyone thus has a role in the socialization of the child as they have a role to play in the mother's life. God's social hierarchy is the best program. Husbands come under God, wives/mothers under husbands. Husbands/fathers are not greater in this sense, they have a greater responsibility!

It is sad that we neglect this important aspect of socialization and many Americans support single parenthood, abortion and same sex marriage.

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