Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Whole World Held Accountable...

The whole world held account Romans 3:19, ...through the law, we become conscious of sin.
I want to continue my discussion on a mother's role in her children's life. As we read in Romans, the world will be held accountable to God. No one will be declared righteous in His sight by observing the law, rather through the law we become conscious of sin.

All too often today we can hear from the evangelical left that since Jesus is all about love and that no scripture says that homosexuality is condemned by God or that people of the same sex cannot marry, we should embrace those who declare their sexual orientation with open arms and marry them.

Here is the problem and it is not necessarily a problem of sexual sin. It is a matter of following God's word (s) as found in biblical scripture given to us by God to guide us in our social interactions. In Scripture, we can experience God's social imagination; in His words, we can find His clear design for social hierarchy that will guide us in this fallen world. It is stated in many scriptures and none so clear as what we can find in  Titus 2 or 1 Cor 7 God's imagination for social hierarchy of the family; moreover, family is the basic model for society's hierarchy.  This is the point, this should be the Christian argument against same sex marriage, and against homosexuality.
Why? Speaking as a sociologist, social roles, relationships we find and we expect to find and have social order, social hierarchy. That is why we establish government, school boards, and all kinds of governing boards; with one person over another and someone under someone... it has purpose, it serves us in a way that we may not like or wish to have but we understand it is necessary when we want to do the right thing for the greater good. Ah, here we have the main thesis for social order and it is no different in God's plan... in fact, any social order we have was given to us by God. The very idea of having social order was His idea first. We as the 'church' must always be mindful of the greater good and the means to accomplish that necessitates social hierarchy with God first. Such order, reminds of to be conscious of  His law as through the law we become conscious of sin and we will know that we will be held accountable.  This statement is often the moment when people 'leave the building'. They don't like to hear this message; in fact, they get angry toward the messenger.
Yes, we as Christians embracing Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior will be saved. However, that does not mean that we should continue to live in sin. Not that we won't sin, but we cannot make it a conscious practice to live in sin. This is what parents must teach their children.
Mothers and fathers must demonstrate to their children that they will be held accountable by the one that they come under. Mothers come under their husbands and husbands come under God. Parents are held accountable for their children but not to them. The adult world does not to come under the child. The man does not come under the woman... hence, we as Christians cannot have same sex relations, marriage. We are breaking God's social hierarchy for us and the greater good.
Believe me, I have heard argument that since gender is socially created we can accept a man who identifies as a woman and that his coming under another man would be ok if that man identifies as a man; and, a woman who identifies as a man can be over  another woman who is a woman who identifies as a woman. Which is confusing to me and one can suppose to God as well. Even if this were to be taken as an argument, it is still man's idea. We most certainly as Christians should ask, how will it appear to children, can we explain that wisely? Will it confuse them? As a sociologist, what can be expected is social breakdown of the family and society. Expectations are vital for social order, a smooth running functioning social order cannot start from scratch every day nor change functions/roles basing on feelings or wants, this undermines expectations. If we don't know what to expect from each other, then how can we move forward even progressively if we are resigned every day to interpretation of what to expect. Point being, social order is necessary for the family, for society and especially for the Church... as the world includes the church and it will be held accountable to God.

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