Monday, October 5, 2015

Jesus Came for the Sinner ~ Go Woman and Sin No More!

Yes, Jesus came for the sinner. Today as it was in the past, people come to Christ not finding and meeting Him in a 'church' but in their hour of need or in situations they never dreamed of, even in prison.

I am a sinner, I am a filthy rag ~ Isaiah  64:6. Praise God that Jesus Christ came into the world to save me! Jesus defended the woman that was about to be stoned. Why? We are all sinners. Though, we are and will be counted as sinners until we are delivered from the sin of death, we in this fallen world are asked to sin no more. So that we are conscious of our sin, and our failures and suffer for them spiritually and in that comes the fruit of the spirit and we thus grow spiritually.
Yet, though we hear or read the Word of God, we stumble and fall everyday. We are lured by the world into thinking that we are not lovely, not worthy of love and must do something to call attention to our needs.
Yes, this is sadly why we continue in wicked ways, we continue to put on fancy clothes, jewelry, and brighten our eyes with mascara... primping will do you no good ~ Jeremiah 4:30. Why do we do this? Because, this is a fallen world and we tend to be led by it and forget that though we are in it, we are not of it ~ 2COR 10:3. We are foolish people, we are stupid children who have no understanding, and have no idea how to do right ~ Jeremiah 4:22. We were and are fallen in our transgressions.

Yet, God so loved the world, He sent his only Son. Give thanks and praise to Almighty God. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, and Rejoice that you live in Christ Jesus. In that, you must continue to follow Him, leave your life of sin. Let your roots grow down into Him and let your life be built on Him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth! ~ Col 2:6.

"Now go woman and leave your life of sin" ~ John 8:1.

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