Wednesday, October 7, 2015

God's Love for Women

God's love for women is abundantly present in His Word. Having God as our greatest love, as our supreme protector and care giver, because no one in this world could love us more, is our greatest protection and our eternal salvation. Acknowledging Him as our past, present and future source of eternal love and support gets us through the trials of this fallen world. Henceforth, we can forgive those who are not able to, who are not as godly as we imagined and who cannot in this fallen world be perfect in any and all situations.

God is our true 'bridegroom' who is forever ours! He helps us, guides us and helps us to guide others to Him. Whenever you think your spouse, your child, your parent, your neighbor, or even your representative is less than your godly expectations, you should repent because it is Your thinking that is less than godly. Your sin  is the problem - that sin is doubt. Doubting that the Lord God Jesus Christ, the Creator of Heaven and Earth is not there for you, does not have your back, and cannot see what is bothering you. You must repent. Repenting is rethinking. What should you repent-rethink? Your relationship with Jesus Christ who is our/your Lord and Savior!

Then and only then can you rest assured that God's love is for you and it is eternal. Be at peace as you rest in His perfect presence, wisdom, love and protection. In this way, you can accept each day as it comes to you. Rejoice, and trusting that God is abundantly present instead of regretting or resenting the way things are, Thank God in all circumstances. Trust in the Lord, don't be fearful and rest in His almighty sovereignty ~ Jesus is Calling!

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