Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Discipline your children in the ways of the Lord!

If you start from early on in your child's life to discipline them in the ways of the Lord, you will never have to reprimand them. How is that possible? You need to start reading the Bible to them instead of fantasy stories that lead nowhere or have no lesson in godly behavior.

The Bible has many lessons for young children and sometimes the wisest parents read verses and scripture that help them in their daily life struggles. It is important to let your children see you live your faith
Look to Matthew and the other gospels which have many simple stories that illustrate godly behavior in all social situations. Children need to know that they can trust the Lord as they see the world in its fallen state. Consider reading Matthew 6: 25-27  "Do Not Worry" It will encourage them and you!

*In the beginning was the word...children learn words, teach them God's.

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