Monday, November 24, 2014

You are Not Just Yourself! not fear, for I am with you" Isa 41:10
You are not just 'you' yourself, ...what does that mean? You are a social composite; thus, something much bigger than just you 'the self'; in fact, we cannot even know what that means outside social context.. This makes you an incredible creation because you are more than that.... 'you' as a social composite are unexplainable. It follows then that something much bigger and unexplainable created everything and everyone. The Creator of heaven and earth and all things in it knows you the social self. Because, he is an unexplainable social entity, yet understood by His creation because of that. It is understood that He understands relationship more than anyone or anything; how?... God made man/woman in His image - an example of His social self. Our purpose is to be in relationship with each other and to be in relationship with our are not just yourself! Dr. E.F. Gallion

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