Monday, November 17, 2014

The Potter is Soverign

The potter is sovereign; he is at the wheel and he shapes you. Of course, you can act against His will, you have free will 'choice'. And, yet the potter's love is so great and so against waste that He continue to bring to you back to the shape he has for you, the one he always had for you... if you just let him. Why/How do we as 'clay' resist the potter? We don't like the shape we are given/have, we don't like the color we are, we don't like the kind of clay we are, or the consistency, we don't want to be just a pot, we want to be a large vessel for other things, we want to have the main stage in the foyer of things/life. We fail to realize and embrace that even a tiny basic pot has purpose; in fact, a great and wonderful purpose in God's eyes = in the potter's hands.
How is that we don't sit right where we are put, we don't attract other things to us that we want that we think should satisfy the form/shape we are? Let us know forget that this is a corrupt world/realm that we occupy and sin is in us- flaws that the pottery tries to bring out and burn out in His kiln. Some of that 'sin/corruption' is deep and resists coming to the surface. Some of that 'sin/corruption' attempts to control the shape in the potter's hands. What we as that sinful corrupt clay must in order to become the creation that the potter wants us to be is to resist sin/corruption. How? Simply by resting in the potter's hands, trusting in the potter's hands, knowing that in this way He is able to save us and make us into a wonderful eternal creation. Ultimately, we have to make the choice to rest and let the potter work.

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