Monday, December 7, 2015

If you don't work you will not eat!

Sometimes, we as Christians tend to multiply duties in observance of 'our' religion. This practice enables us to give money, time and work so that we feel good about ourselves, fulfilled in our duty. However, our true Christian walk with the Lord is not 'religious' nor does it require a religious leader to tell us what to do or rituals to practice so that we know what to do.

Dear brothers and sisters, know that our religious leader is Jesus Christ. He is the high priest. You see, serving out of a sense of duty or established rules and rituals, and sacraments become mechanical as in habitual and thus are false works, lulling the soul into a comatose condition. God searches for in His children an awakened soul that thrills to the Joy of His Presence! He provides the Joy, your part is to glorify Him! Share that and you will share the true Gospel. ~ Jesus is Calling!

We tend to think that as Christians we must feed the world by serving soup and in this way people will know God and we will be saved. Yes, it is true that we as Christians must feed the world but not with food for the stomach though a bit of something in the stomach makes it easier to know that godly people exist in this world and do care. I am talking about the true Bread of Life ~ The Word of God! This is what we must feed the world! How much of that do you share?

When Christians read 2 Thessalonians 3:10 this misunderstand its meaning. So, what does it mean that if you don't work you will not eat? Does it mean labor for others as in building up their business or projects or pulling weeds in their garden or harvesting potatoes in their field so that you have shown the Lord your work? No. But, what we do labor. What for then? We labor to spread the true Gospel and to Glorify God!

Paul said, out of example, we take care of ourselves our own body and by doing that we are able to share the true Bread of Life. Yes, we must take care to provide our body with physical bread and that labor is not to be a burden to anyone but our own responsibility so that we can do the real work of the Holy Spirit which is to serve the Word of God! This is what we share and work for.

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