Wednesday, December 9, 2015

All are called, be chosen and be faithful!

So many Christians have no idea what the true Gospel is about or for. Jesus Christ! He was the once and for all sacrifice. We can rest in the Peace of His Love. That is all we have to do. That alone is what is required, that alone is the fruit of the Holy Spirit. With that knowledge, we do not wish to pursue or indulge in the flesh or fleshly things of this world.

We need not fret about the world and what the world presses us for: the right college, the right house, the right job, the right car, the right party, the right president, the right country, the right priest, the right church, the right person (s) in charge, the right dinner, the right Christmas songs to sing, the right agenda to vote for, the right person to help, the right person (s) to let in, the right tree, the right lights, the right gifts, the right dress, the right jewelry, the right answer, or just the right whatever. 

All that is worry is being worrisome and that is false work = sin!  

Stop being a Martha and be a Mary ~ Luke 10:38

If we simply took pleasure in the knowledge that Christ is who we live for then all those right things we worry about would not be so worrisome, nor would worrying about those who need help; all would have the true Gospel and all would be at rest in His Peace and thus all would be helped in the same way – through Jesus Christ. 

All are called, be chosen and be faithful. 

For He who is in the world is not as great as He who is in us ~ 1 John 4:4.

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