Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sin is not Godly; It is Unacceptable to God!

Sin is not Godly; Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, the Holy Spirit, God- the creator of heaven and earth is only able to forgive because He sent His son, so that by His stripes we are healed-saved. Without the blood of Jesus Christ being shed for us, there would be no salvation. We could not ever be or regain being in the presence of the Lord our God.
Man is not good. No goodness exists in us in this fallen world because of sin.
Sin is unacceptable to God. In the Old Testament, animal sacrifice was required- a blood sacrifice. Why blood? It was to represent the requirement that sin is so unacceptable to God that the only way that the penalty for sin was through blood- it represented the death of the sinner. Animal sacrifice was supposed to be horrible and we were to be repelled by it because God was too repelled by sin, because that is how God sees sin. A penalty had to be paid for God’s forgiveness. Forgiveness does not happen without a cost. Thus, in the times before Christ when man lived under the law, a blood sacrifice had to be given for the atonement of sin.
In the New Testament, God paid the cost Himself for our contemptible sin.  Though we live now under grace and not under the law Romans 6:14, we cannot consider that sin is just naughty behavior and not worthy of the extermination for every human alive. God had and has every right to sterilize the earth as it was the case after the fall of Adam and Eve. Sin is still unacceptable to God and because God wanted to show his love and mercy. He had a plan to deal with this horrible problem ‘corruption’ that doomed His creation ‘mankind and even the angels’. The plan was the death of Himself as a man in our place. To understand how merciful and loving God is, we have to understand how horrible sin is.
In our modern popular liberal-progressive ‘youth’ culture, relativist thinking leads people to say “They sin but I don’t, I am not a bad guy/girl.  I am good but other people make me out to be bad.” Christians in this culture think that being nice and doing good works, sharing etc can remove our sin. That is not true. No good works by man can remove sin. Again, to reiterate, Sin is not naughty behavior. It is absolutely the most serious thing we can imagine. We live in sin daily (in this fallen world) and because we live in this fallen world, cannot see ourselves engaged in sin daily but we are.  There is no hierarchy of sin. Harsh words, negligence, laziness, sexual immorality, envy, lust, greed, pride are all sins; even putting ourselves first, our children before other children, our needs before others... all sinful.
Bad things happen because we live in a world of sin. Sin is corruption; there is no good thing in it. As an illustration, imagine someone living in the poorest neighborhood and never knew anything else; they would think that is normal. Unless, they had something to compare it to, they would never know they live in squalor. When God gave Moses the law it showed us what we have to live up to. It was given to show that we are poor, naked and pathetic compared to God. Once we realize where we are (in this fallen sinful world), we know that we cannot do anything that will change that. Only God can change things, if you accept His sacrifice His mercy and love. He said He would forgive our sin and that the Father will no longer see you as sinful.  He redeems our body, He makes it free of sin and in the New Jerusalem we will be unable to sin, we will be like God and that is the only way to get eternal life.
Hell is a place to dump sin into, a disposal for sin. It is not a place to torture people. It is a deposit place for sin. If people do not take God free gift (Salvation) this price He paid for sin which is was His blood, they will be deposited into Hell. It is the second death. Sin does not belong nor can it co exist with God; good works cannot atone for sin. God’s righteousness is beyond any good works that man can do. The only way to the Father is through Jesus Christ. John 14:6

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  1. A new study has been done about the beliefs among Catholics and American Evangelicals. The study reveals a significant level of theological confusion about salvation, heaven, hell, the Trinity—and more. You may find out you're believing heresies. One that is obvious is doubting the Trinity, doubting that Jesus Christ paid for all your sins at the cross (problem for Catholics and hence why the insistence on sacraments) and the biggest problem for all American Christians is believing that man is good in this fallen world and that he/she has control over their salvation. Wrong! Man lost his Godly quality of 'good' at the fall. No works can save us though we try to be good. If we are just naughty then why would God send His only Son to shed His blood??? The only way to the Father is through the Son- Jesus Christ. Now, you may think there is a conflict when I say that Jesus Christ alone provides our salvation if we simply believe and that no works can accomplish what He did on the cross. There is no conflict or problem with that. The problem is that people think that by just believing (accepting Jesus) causes us to want to choose sin as it all falls on Jesus anyway. Wrong! Sin is still unacceptable to God but because of Jesus Christ, believing in what He did for us, we are no longer slaves to sin. With that knowledge, we are more able not to sin, to choose not to sin; and yet, knowing that we still can never be good in the way God originally created us in the garden because we live in this fallen world, we are able to grow in faith and share our faith with its promise of eternal salvation. God wants to save everyone of His creations... but the only way to the Father is through the Son- Jesus Christ, accepting what He did once and for all.