Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Same Sex Attractions Not Scriptural... the Caring and Gentle Response

Same sex attraction is not scriptural.
Sadly in this fallen world, Christians are engaged in sexual immorality. We don't even have to recognize whether or not they are either same sex couples or not. Why! Because, sexual immorality is the desire for the flesh over God. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ never and would never have advocated the choice for the flesh. God's word found in the Bible has never told us to have sex with a same sex person. However, God's word does ask us to love our fellow Christians. Jesus asked us to love our neighbors as we love ourself.  I can and should love my fellow man (male/female neighbors). This does not mean to engage in sex with them in either a homosexual or heterosexual relationship. Too often especially those who are engaged in same sex relations equate sex and love as the same. It is not. The argument that same sex couples can be Christians and sleep together (if legally wed) is scriptural, is wrong. In fact, the Bible tells us better not to marry (1 Cor 7:9) if you plan to do ministry and in times of persecution; and, not to be engaged in the flesh at all in the meaning of making it our first priority in life. Paul told us that if we have the desire for the flesh, better to marry the opposite sex and become a family (with children). The Bible is clear about desires for the flesh and that all Christians who desire the flesh (before God) should abstain from the flesh. We should declare our sin and ask God for forgiveness.
Hence, there is no argument for same sex marriage nor same sex relations in the meaning that same sexual orientation is justification to indulge in the flesh. There is no hierarchy of sin either; hence, even for heterosexual relationships, indulgence in the flesh (above indulging in God) is wrong. If one demands this as being right or even ok with God is mistaken; and anyone who thinks that he or she has been born as a sexual being only is wrong and are committing sin. Any other argument is simply the demand to justify sexual immorality and not the demand to love one's neighbor; which God encourages greatly!
Read 1 Cor:12, and read Romans 7 and read Matthew 19:4 and 19:19.
Besides what scripture tells us, what can we do as Christians in these times to get fellow Christians back on the right path toward salvation? What is the caring and gentle response? It has been provided above. However, for more assurances of this we can point to Prof. Tim Muelhoff who teaches at Biola University. He instructs on Christian Communications. He tells us that we have to be wise with our words. As they are the caring and gentle response. Why? Firstly, we are to be Salt and Light.  We are to be like Christ Jesus, listen and understand each other as sinners in a fallen world with a tendency toward sin (sexual immorality is a sin among many). In the knowledge that Christ came to rescue us from sin and death, we can forgive ourselves and others. This does not mean now we can go 'hog' wild and sin all we want. With this knowledge we don't want to sin, though we still may. Nor should we interpret scripture for our own purposes, to justify the sins we are engaged in no matter what our sexual indulgences are.
Muelhoff asks only for communication between Christians and others (to draw them into Christ) to be this kind of understanding and forgiving which will lead all Christians away from sin and into the light of Christ.


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