Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Do Divided Desires/Expectations Separate us from the Lord?

Divided Desires: Restoring Lost Connections in the Global Village  by Kenny Damara.

This book asks us to carefully consider the desires we have in this world. The author asks "Can your ultimate desire ever be fulfilled?" Everywhere you look, every time you listen, with each click and tap, there's something you desire. How do you know if what you desire will satisfy, or if you are seeing a desire mirage" The global village presents countless ways to connect to all kinds of information. We think we can scarcely live without these connections. Do we realize, however, that these connections often block or slow down connections to God, self, and others? Divided Desire is a journey along the road of desire-a road everyone travels. Along the journey, Kenny Damara explores why we desire what we desire in the global village today. What role does God have in fulfilling the ultimate desire of the heart? And how should we respond"

This idea of divided desires is very interesting to me as a sociologist and social psychologist. I know that my own desires are based on what I think people other people expect... As a sociologist, expectations are a great part of our social reality. Effectively, they are necessary for the positive function of society, and yet there are many expectations we have of each other that can never be met. We desire 'expect' our husbands be a super man, we desire our children to be geniuses, we desire our appearance to be  more beautiful 'younger' and we desire our house to be bigger and so on... We these desires can not be met, we lose hope, we lose faith... Why don't we see it as divided desires... in that those desires that we think we must have, things we expect to have, people whom we expect certain behavior from as inappropriate desires/expectations that actually separate us from the Lord?

What does the Lord expect? Think about that...

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  1. It is so important to line your desires up with God's. when you do, that's when things happen! This isn't to ay that God doesn't want us to have desires of our own or that he ignores those desires. the Bibles says he will give his sons and daughters the desires of their hearts. Still, as we grow closer to him, we find that his desires and ours become more similar.