Thursday, August 31, 2017

Today's Society puts weight on marriage...

Society at times seems like an oppressive weight which is burdensome to bear...

We have to pay bills, pay taxes and keep up with the Jones so that we don't cause them to lose out on building their wealth... after all, most Americans' wealth is in their private property. If you have an eye sore in your yard, your neighbor and neighborhood does too. The irony is when we take care of that eye sore, the cost of owning and living in our home goes up and it goes up for everyone!

Not that God asks us or even requires us to 'keep up with the Jones' quite often we feel it to be our duty as a citizen so that everyone's wealth is valued and thus everyone is given an equal chance at getting ahead, right? This kind of duty is NOT that which comes from the Lord but from society at large which here in the USA puts getting ahead first and foremost; don't we always ask each other, "So, what do you do"?

We tend to look at marriage in the same way "So, what do you do and are going to do for me"... its the American approach to building wealth here on earth rather than building wealth or storing up treasure in His Kingdom ~ Matthew 6; 19,20 and, 1 Timothy 6:19.

That is largely how we chose our spouse in this country. And, when our spouse appears to be letting things go, no longer attractive, no longer pleasurable or no longer willing to go along with our schemes and or ideas in terms of seeking out new alternatives to wealth building here and now we become disillusioned, we become disappointed in our choices and in our choice of mate.

That is not what marriage is about. But, in American society, this is what marriage has become about. We seek out and marry the 'right' person so that we can receive material gains. We mistakenly think that the person we choose will do this for us because they look good, have good connections, have a good job, or have good motivation for getting ahead. We are gravely wrong. Yet, society is all about the individual getting ahead and who is entitled to this and all good things with no trouble at all. 

Society is both wheat and tares and as such a mass of good and bad seed it does not have all the answers when all things fail; its answer is that you just did not do it right and what is that according to society? In our failure to do what society thinks is right, we crash under the weight of its mistaken truth.

We as Christians (wheat) know the truth because we have been given the truth which is that in Him our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ are all things possible and that He alone can make all things good in this fallen world and thus as individuals and as married couples we are to glorify Him and His Kingdom... not society!  For in Him we live, move and have our being ~ Acts 17:28.

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