Friday, June 23, 2017

To God Be the Glory!

Many Christians mistakenly think that they are not sinners; because in their mind, they have not broken one of the Ten Commandments. They think that they are not committing a sin because they don't find themselves on that list. Yes, within those ten known listed sins there are more than that as many others fall under those listed.

For example, the first commandment states that we do not worship nor put any other god before us ~ Exodus 20:3. But, look around and see the worship of goodies, things/places and the self. Yes, there are those that will argue that such scripture does not apply as it is from the Old Testament; and, since Jesus died for our sins so we don't have to worry. Let us remember what Jesus said, " Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength" ~ Mark 12:30.  Know that it is the same commandment from the Old Testament and the greatest commandment.

Examine your heart first. Do you seek the praise of others? Do you need/want and love to be complimented? Do you love for your children to be complimented? Do you show yourself to others in order to be complimented and do you compliment others to gain their admiration? Do you compliment others to gain their friendship, you want to be liked... right? All of this is a form of pride of life and idolatry of self and things - the world. Sadly, many seek the glory and glorification of this world and not His.

Remember, whenever you help someone, whether it is with monetary donation/gift or scripture, You do it for Him and His Kingdom.  Because, if you find yourself helping others and putting your 'label' on it... "Here, I am blessing you", then you are usurping the Lord. You are not leading people to the Lord but to you or to money/things. The Lord God alone blesses and He blesses who He wants to bless. If you offer scripture, or reach into your pocket to give it is the Lord's doing and to Him be the Glory! Let people know who you love first and foremost!

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