Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Living in Darkness ~ Wake Up to Resurrection!

As a Christian, one can love all of God's creation, even those still in darkness. Who are those still in darkness? Many people who delve into animism and the philosophy of 'saged' men. Example ~ The philosophy we can read in "Tao Te Ching", an ancient Chinese school of thought, is deeply concerned with man's dilemma of good and bad/evil. Tao was one of a hundred schools of Chinese thought. There is one poetic text that is for the Christian worthwhile to share as it stands as an example of those still in the darkness - those who remain outside the light of the Christian mind - the mind of Christ.

The name I can give to this text is - The Good Traveler. In this, we learn that a good person leaves no sign/tracks or anything which can be detected and that this person is good because of the bad person he encounters on his journey. The bad person is the resource for the good person and the good person the teacher for the bad. What is the darkness and who is in it? The bad and the good person are both in darkness. Because they in their casual meeting deny the ultimate source of the way and meeting of the two- both good and bad. What is the purpose that they meet at all? For the Taoist, there is no answer.

Perhaps, for the Taoist, the point is to reduce being in a place to a singularity. Perhaps, their argument is in such reduction man become a thing outside of himself. Maybe? It can be also reasoned that there is No reduction (it never happens) at all because there is No pointing out the original source. Is that what leaving no trace is about. What one discovers is that reducing man in such a way reduces the philosophy to a mere teaching which in the end leads to man's inability to answer anything leaving to trace/tracks. Reducing man in this way reduces man to a mere soulish tree/plant or animal with no hope beyond the encounter of good/bad... 

There is no answer and no future for anyone in this for they have reached a dark hole, a singularity in their rejecting the original source ~ the Creator. The Created Human Being has a built-in ability to know and have a relationship with the Creator (all they have to do is pick up the call - seek and ye shall find); the Creator loves His Creation who is the source of all things who purposes all things! ~ Dr. Ef Gallion

Wake up to Resurrection! 

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