Monday, November 9, 2015

God is my Strength and my Portion!

Psalm ~ 73:26

In this world, we think that we need so much stuff! Otherwise, we will be looked down on, we will be out of the loop, the circle of people, things and events. You know the song "Let it go" well, that applies. If God is your strength and portion, what else do you need? In this world, regardless of what God's Word offers, so many of us still fall prey to the world and its things. And, when things go bad, we wonder why. Some think that bad things happen as a bit of bad luck. They have no clue that they contribute to those bad things happening to them through their own actions and in-actions .. the seen and unseen.

For the most part they blame bad things happening to them on what can be seen: loss of a job, illness, divorce, and what they deem as an unfortunate accident. There are things that are unseen as well that trouble us and cause us problems as they demand a great deal of our attention. They steal away any reaching out to the Lord God. These things are: ideas, desires, lusts, envy doubt, greed, pride, and a whole gamut of unseen.

All of us have a tendency to blame bad things that happen to us on what can be seen - on that which is tangible as in what we think is really real - here and now. Ironically, we who believe in the unseen God will often lay blame on the Lord. What is really strange, is that for those who don't accept the Lord God as Creator of Heaven and Earth, because they can't see him (so he isn't real), they will often blame him. Maybe because they can't see him. Essentially, all of us, don't want to accept that we need Him. We want to be in control of every aspect of our life. If only we knew how much God truly and really offers.

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