Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Marriage makes us Holy and Those believing in the Son - Get it all!

Marriage is to make us Holy not happy. However, there is nothing wrong with a happy marriage. But we should not be seeking happiness through marriage. This is a problem today in our instant gratification society. Without God, we are just humans who want to be happy. With God we can be spiritually and eternally happy because God wants us to be happy in a relationship with Him and here with others and especially with spouses; that is why he designed Adam to be with Eve in marriage. But, because of their sin, they no longer lived in their glorified bodies in union in paradise. This is why we cannot be truly happy until we are in paradise once again. That will be but until then, we as Christians must reconcile with the fact that happiness we think we can/have here will never compare to the happiness that awaits us. So whenever your husband disappoints you, ... like the song says 'don't' worry be happy' because true happiness is yet to come.
In view of other problems in this world between people we all know about the civil unrest due to this sinful world we live in which has been followed by unwarranted outcome in the great state of Missouri.  How can we be in agreement with one another, how can we get along? These questions are being asked. As Jesus said, "love your neighbor/brother as yourself". That means love your fellow Christian as you love yourself as a Christian. You love yourself because you have been saved by the Blood of Jesus Christ and you can love others (no matter what race/ethnicity/income) because you know that they like you have been saved. This is the knowledge/assurance that all will be made equal, all will be made right in paradise.  This is how God was able to give His only Son for our salvation, He was assured that through Him we would be made right and be able to be seated with Him the Father in His Heavenly Place. For those that accept Jesus Christ will be saved, they will get it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There was a wealthy man in Europe many years ago who was an art collector. He had an only son and when that son grew up he too had a talent for collecting art. Suddenly, war broke out in Europe and the son decided to enlist to defend his country. The father disagreed and worried about his son being in harms way. Wouldn't you know it, the son was killed in action. The father was deeply grieved. One day, a young solider appeared at the door of the man's very big house. He said that he was there when his son was killed because his son was saved his life. He apologized to the man that his only son took the bullet for him. He said that he had a picture to give him, a small pencil drawing that he had sketched of his son just before he was killed. The man was very happy to have this simple rendering of his son. He thanked the solider from the bottom of his heart.  He framed it and put it first among the many paintings he had in his collection. Soon thereafter, the man died. In his will, he requested that all his art collection be put on auction. Such an auction drew hundreds of people. The auctioneer declared that he was required by the man 'art collector' to start with a simple drawing... so the auctioneer did. No one was bidding, some people yelled out what is this??? Suddenly, a man from the back appeared and bid. It was the soldier that drew the picture... the picture of the man's son. He said "I would like to bid but I have only seventeen dollars and some cents." The auctioneer said "ok, going once, twice, three times... SOLD!" The picture of the man's son went to the artist who drew it for seventeen dollars and some cents. Then the auctioneer declared that the auction was over. Everyone yelled, "what is going on?... we came a long way for this." The auctioneer took out a piece of paper and read from it. "The person who takes my son, gets it all." 

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