Thursday, July 3, 2014

Relational and other Forms of Idolatry

Today on Midday Connection, Anita Lustrea, a graduate of Moody Bible Institute and affiliated with  Moody Radio since 1984, talked with Dee Brestin about idolatry. Dee is the author of a Bible study series that includes titles such as A Woman of Love, A Woman of Faith, A Woman of Purpose and The God of All Comfort.  She is a popular speaker at women’s conferences across the country. 
We heard from Dee that God, through friends and His Word, revealed her own hidden idol of control, and then a dramatic transformation followed for Dee. On Midday Connection  the series,  Idol Lies  with Dee, has shown me powerful truths about what can happen when the idols take over, they take us away from our one true love Jesus Christ. 
We don't realize or recognize idols in our lives. For instance, an idol can be a person, a friend or husband, partner or parent, or even child that we lift up to a place of high importance, higher than our Creator and Savior Jesus Christ. Having idols is not just molded images painted gold. We can idolize many things 'concepts/ideas/youth and persons and places can become idols which we become slaves to. Ultimately, God wants us to idolize Him and Him alone. "Thou shall not have false images before me, false Gods/Idols".... By idolizing God = earnestly seeking Him, we become His slave (who better to be a slave to... ), in doing so,  we rest in Him which is opposite to what we think of as slavery and by resting in Him we die to ourselves in this world which is enslaved flesh and for that we are rewarded with eternal life allowing for the fulfillment of our true destiny = God given gift.

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